Love Never Fails-Part Two

Church Set Free

As I said in part one of this particular series, it started life as a Daily Devotion on Truth in Palmyra, and was later combined and published as you see here. Enjoy!

Love Never Fails Part 1

Read all of 1 Corinthians 13 here

Putting Verbs In Your Sentences

What we have there is simply the greatest description of love ever written. It is as full and complete a description of love, and what it is, as can be found anywhere. Actually, since it is God’s description, I think we need to say it IS the best description.

Dr. Phil, of the daytime talk show, does a rather neat thing in his show quite often. As they run off to a commercial for the last break, he says something like this: “When we come back, I am going to put verbs in my sentences and tell you what I…

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