I have a pretty good picture of what my guardian angel looks like.  He probably started out as naïve and innocent as I appeared to be when I first appeared in this world.  Over the years, he’s become scarred, bumped, bruised, tossed around, subjected to bullying – physical and emotional pain – grey hair and tons of wrinkles – and the courage of a saint.  That’s my vision.  God undoubtedly has a different opinion.

He places His angels as protection for us.  It’s not that He can’t take care of us by Himself, or that He isn’t in all places at the same time, but  His angels are like his soldiers – standing as a barrier against the slings and arrows that life throws at us.

My guardian angel has seen me through times of near poverty, disease, weakness,  anger, fear, restlessness, impatience and so much more.

On more than one occasion…

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