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Urban legends are un- (or dis-)proved stories that have been passed down for decades, such as how Coke will dissolve a tooth overnight, alligators live in the sewers of New York, or Mr. Rogers was a sniper in the Navy SEALS. David Croteau, in his new book Urban Legends of the New Testament, covers 40 of the most commonly misunderstood New Testament passages, or 40 New Testament “urban legends.”

I’ll cover three or four, with the first one being on Philippians 4.13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

The Urban Legend

“All of us have goals in life. Some of you want to be professional athletes. Others may want to be famous musicians or actors. Some want to start their own businesses. Whatever you want to do, remember this verse and claim it daily. Put it on your mirror so you see it every…

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