What I thought was going to be a good start for the Christmas Holiday by taking on extra shifts at work… well, there was something else brewing that reared it’s ugly head. A serious and painful bout with diverticulitis with a side order of 3 large abscesses joined the pain party.

So, I ended up a guest at the hospital for 9 days with 1 CAT Scan surgical procedure and 2 additional CAT Scan pics. The care that was received was nothing short of the Glory of God during my time of need.

If you missed me, thank you…thought about me, thank you…prayed for me, thank you…reached out to me through concern, thank you, God bless all of you.

I still need to take it slow until the 23rd (follow-up visit), the meds are working, although dizziness and lightheadedness are side effects that are preventing me to return to work, the pain is almost all gone.

In Christ and All the Best,