Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy

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Article by Professor Keener. Chapter 11: Supernatural Claims in The Recent West. p. 571 (Scribd ebook format).

On my request, Galen put me in contact with the member of that congregation whose story he had witnessed, (1) Ed Wilkinson. I quickly learned that Ed is not given to uninformed credulity; reflecting his training in neuropsychology, he complains about those who want faith to cure everything, using it as a neurosis to avoid dealing with reality (2). Many years ago, however, his family faced a crisis in November 1984, when his eight-year-old son Brad was found to have atrial septal defect, with two holes in his heart. The condition impaired his lungs in addition to his heart. To allow time to convalesce without interrupting school, the visiting pediatric cardiologist scheduled surgery for June, warning that Brad could not play sports anymore in the meantime.

The months of waiting proved stressful. As June…

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