Christmas Cheer and Encouragement – News Report and Editorial in The Herald

Sometimes one feels like a voice shouting in the wilderness, thinking that no-one is listening, and then something like this happens.  The Herald not only picked up on my Christmas message, but also at least in part commended it in its editorial.  For those who know the Scottish newspaper scene that is almost miraculous.   The report and editorial are below – as is the one from The Scottish Daily Mail.

Church leader: Mob mentality of social media blocks free speech The Herald 22 Dec 2015

A senior church figure has said in his Christmas message that freedom of speech will be damaged by the “mob mentality” of social media. Free Church of Scotland Moderator Rev David Robertson claimed restraints on people voicing their thoughts has created a “monochrome society” where diverse views may be stifled by broad public opinion.

The Dundee minister said the message was one of

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