Insults, Lies and Mockery – The Secularist Version of ‘Happy Christmas’

The Atheistic Secularists have responded to my article about Secularist Abuse on social media by stating that it is untrue, and then abusing me on social media!

“DAR has a Xmas bitch.”

‘DAR has a xmas bitch’ can be interpreted in other ways. Any volunteers?”

“He has created a God in his own image. And it’s not a particularly nice God.”

“his guy is clearly a monster”

‘a weirdo’,

‘a useful idiot’,

‘a knobend’,

‘a pompous deluded buffoon’

“it won’t be long before we’ll be reading about DAR being arrested by the police in Dundee High Street, wrapped in a bedsheet, telling everybody he’s Jesus Christ”

“he prefers to do his vile and dirty deeds under the cover of darkness”.

They are such sweet and reasonable people, who clearly use the force of logic and the power of evidence to advance their case!

Here is the letter that the…

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