What is the Greatest Christmas Present you have ever received?


I will be taking a wee break from this blog over the Christmas period – hence the plethora of posts today (Christmas Eve)…this is the final one – my Christmas message on Christian Today  Click the link for all the photos, videos etc.  Have a great Christmas and see you in the New Year…

As we fast approach The Day, I wonder what is the greatest Christmas gift you have ever received? As a child I recall things like Scalextric and a bike…. nowadays my gifts are predictable (best summed up in the acronym, BSM, Books, Socks and Malt!), but nonetheless welcome. Sometimes it is the smallest things that are the most appreciated, because they meet our needs and they show the thoughtfulness of the giver. Our church did a shoebox appeal this year to help our own children realise that Christmas really is about giving. To see the…

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