25 December 1821 Birth of David Christian Ginsburg, missionary, scholar and exposer of fake Deuteronomy scroll #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

ginsburg 3

Bernstein summarises a distinguished academic career, but Ginsburg achieved public fame through his part in exposing one of the great frauds of the century, in disproving the claims of another fellow Jewish believer in Yeshua to have discovered an early manuscript of Deuteronomy which contained an 11th commandment.

Here is Bernstein’s note:

Ginsburg, Rev. Dr. Christian David, born at Warsaw, December 25, 1821, embraced Christianity there in 1846, was missionary of the British Society in Liverpool till 1863, when he retired in order to devote himself entirely to literary work. Dr. Ginsburg contributed a considerable number of valuable [234]  articles on Jewish topics to Kitto’s Encyclopædia, published a book on the Karaites and Essenes, and a full account in English of the Kabbalah, its doctrines, development, and literature. But he will be especially remembered for his massoretic studies, and translation of Elias Levita’s “Massoreth-ha-Massorah” in 1867, and of Jacob…

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