Book Giveaway: Invitation to the Septuagint by Jobes & Silva

Whoever wins this will be blessed! Thanks for your generosity!

Septuaginta &c.

You may have seen the interview that I posted recently with Karen Jobes regarding her two new books in Septuagint. One of the two is the second edition of Invitation to the Septuagint, fully updated and expanded ten years after its initial publication. As I’ve looked through this new volume, I have been happy to see a number of newer and important aspects of LXX scholarship receive good discussion. In particular the discussion of the language of the Septuagint (ch. 12) gives a nice overview of current issues.

This textbook is, to my mind, the industry standard for introductions to this field of study. The main reason is that this book is truly an introduction, not assuming prior knowledge of the discipline and its many facets (except, of course, the knowledge of Greek and Hebrew). Even so, students with a basic knowledge of these languages could benefit immensely from…

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