Review: Going Public – Why Baptism is Required for Church Membership



Should we baptize babies? Or should we wait until they are grown up and declare their belief in Jesus? What about if their children? More so, what do we do with all of these people in our church? I’ve grown up in solely non-denominational churches, one which had membership, the other (that being Calvary Chapel and their affiliate churches and campuses) which had open membership. Jamieson says, “This whole book aims toward the conclusion that churches should require prospective members to be baptized—which is to say, baptized as believers— in order to join” (1). This is important because, according to Jamieson, 

Evangelical ecclesiology tends to be consumed by the question of ‘what works.’ Pragmatism has not only moved to the center of our churchly solar system, but like an aging star it has ballooned and swallowed everything in its orbit. So we tend to neglect ecclesiology as a theological…

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