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In a recent exchange regarding the usual hysterics by they who live with no moral absolutes, I had suggested that a smokescreen of sorts was employed to justify homosexuality. To which the following reply was given by a steady customer who drinks free coffee and complains about the taste:

‘Why should there be any ”need” to put any ”face” on homosexuality?
The character, Jesus of Nazareth was considered to be homosexual by some scholars. Why is this an issue for you?’

It matters not who said this, he knows his fate, and others agree, so it could have been said by hundreds, or thousands, who cares; and it is unnecessary to link lest I drive further madness to the house of a friend.

However. The blatant point was TRIED to be made, that the Christ of God, the anointed Messiah, David’s Lord and David’s…

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