Worldview Dilemmas in X Men First Class: A Presuppositionalist’s Perspective

The Domain for Truth

WARNING: Contain spoilers.

I don’t really watch much movies let alone movies with superheroes but when I do, I do think about worldviews.  Here I want to look at X Men: First Class and it’s theme of God, evolution and ethics.

We’ll start with the movie’s opening scene.

The movie’s opens with a rainy moment where the first thing viewers see are some feet walking in the mud and the rain.  Whoever those feet belong to, they certainly were not walking in confidence or in a hurry to get out of the rain.  One can’t tell whether it’s day or night; nor does it matter, since it is meant to invoke nihilistic and hopeless feeling to the viewers.  Nothing captures the symptom of nihilism and hopelessness as the losing track of time and where one’s external environment no longer matter.  A few seconds into it, you see the backside of a soldier…

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