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ISRAEL Controversial law

On 27 December [1977] the Knesset passed on its second and final readings a private members’ bill entitled Penal Code Amendment Law (Enticement to Change of Religion) 1977 (see The Tablet, 24/31 December). As it now stands, the law, which is accompanied by the officially published “explanatory matter,” provided by the Knesset member from the extremist Agudat Israel religious party who presented it, reads as follows: (1) He who gives, or promises to give money, money’s worth, or another benefit, in order to entice a person to change his religion, or in order to entice a person to bring about the change of another’s religion, the sentence due to him is five years imprisonment, or a fine of 1E50,000. (2) He who receives, or agrees to receive money, money’s worth, or a benefit [a Hebrew word that also means simply “favour”] in exchange…

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