Book Review | Glory Days

Heather C. King - Room to Breathe

Glory Days
by Max Lucado

In his new book, Glory Days, Max Lucado offers a study of the book of Joshua and a reminder that we too often settle for less than God’s best for us.  As Christians, we can slip into complacency or even defeatism.  We can think that God only intends for us to have victory in heaven, but never here on earth.  This isn’t about material wealth or status; it’s about overcoming strongholds and no longer being held back by shame, fear, or underestimating God’s power.glory-days-max-lucado

Some of that comes from the faulty metaphor we’ve adopted of Canaan or the Promised Land as being heaven, which means our Christian life becomes little more than the wilderness between Egypt and the land flowing with milk and honey.  From the beginning of this book, though, Max counters that.  He says, ‘Canaan, then, does not represent the life to…

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