Last Call for Biblical Studies Carnival Links for December 2015

Reading Acts

Misfit ToysThe last Biblioblog Carnival of 2015 will be hosted by Jennifer Guo (@jenniferguo). Jennifer told me she was working hard on the Carnival, but if you send her a link or two she might be able to use them. What have you read this month that was challenging, simulating, or maybe even a bit strange? This is a good time to promote a less well-known blog you enjoy, or you can send a link to your own work.

A “blog carnival” is a collection of links on a particular topic for a given period. I think the idea of a blog carnival first developed out of psychology or sociology blogs, but the first BiblioBlog carnival was Joel Ng at Ebla Logs in March 2005. Sadly, Joel’s blog is long gone, but you can read an archive of it at Peter Kirby’s Biblioblog Top 50.

If you are a blogger and are interested in hosting a future…

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