When It Is Easier Not To Believe – No 7

Grace and Truth

Yesterday, inspired by my recent discussions with a former believer turned atheist, I wrote a piece called “When it is easier not to believe“, recognising that we all face times of doubt.  I think I omitted a seventh and important situation when a believer may be tempted to drop the baton of faith.

7. When you face unrelenting opposition

Whether they are Jewish, Islamic, Buddhists, Hindus or the good old Atheists, it can be unsettling for young believers to find that so many people strongly disagree with their revelation of Christ.  When you are out evangelising, or seeking to strengthen your brothers and sisters in the faith, you are often faced with the many divisions even among those who believe in Christ!  This can also cast doubt on the chances that you’ve got it right.  Even if you are rooted firm in your beliefs, aggressive unbelievers may seek to…

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