Biblical Studies Carnival – December 2015

Reading Acts

Jen Guo CarnivalJennider Guo’s December 2015 Biblical Studies Carnival has arrived in time for the new year. Jenifer has done a remarkable job collecting the best of the BiblioBlogs the last month of the year, so head on over and click all the links, the deserve it. She includes links to several tributes to I. H. Marshall,  tributes to I. Howard Marshall, including Mike Bird,Stanley Porter, Steve Walton, Nijay Gupta, Darrell Bock, Ray Van Neste, and Mark Goodacre and Beeson Divinity School.  She also linked to video from Marshall’s 1991 Annual Moore College Lectures on the Acts of the Apostles: “A Fresh Look at the Acts of the Apostles.”

In other Biblioblog news, Jim West attempts a “strictly related to Biblical Studies. . . a gigantic collection of posts related to the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament.” As Jim knows, the size of the carnival does not matter…

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