The Implementation of the Ecclesiastical Ordinances

Shared from Zwinglius Redivivus, a snippet.


The “Ecclesiastical Ordinances,” were solemnly ratified January 2, 1542, as the Church law of Geneva.

The Ordinances begin

“In the name of God Almighty, we the Syndics, Small and Great Councils with our people assembled at the sound of the trumpet and the great clock, according to our ancient customs, have considered that the matter above all others worthy of recommendation is to preserve the doctrine of the holy gospel of our Lord in its purity, to protect the Christian Church, to instruct faithfully the youth, and to provide a hospital for the proper support of the poor,—all of which can not he done without a definite order and rule of life, from which every estate may learn the duty of its office. For this reason we have deemed it wise to reduce the spiritual government, such as our Lord has shown us and instituted by His Word, to a good form to be introduced and observed among us. Therefore we have ordered and established to follow and to guard in our city and territory the following ecclesiastical polity, taken from the gospel of Jesus Christ”*


Source: The Implementation of the Ecclesiastical Ordinances