Creation vs. Evolution (Again :/ )

Shared from The Isaiah 53:5 Project, a snippet, excellent piece.


Ultimately, whenever someone brings this topic up, whether Atheist or Christian, it always ends in a torrential flame war where both sides lose sight of the argument, and really just beat a dead horse.Before you go to the comments and debate to your little hearts content, I have a prompt question for both sides. (You don’t have to comment your answer).For Christians: Look, I know that the Bible says nothing about Evolution, but think about this for a minute. Which is more important? Proving that Creationism is true and Evolution is false, or sharing the eternal gift Jesus promised to all of humanity. In the end, it’s not gonna matter who was right about how the Earth and Universe started. What will matter is how our friendship with Christ ended up.P.S. God could’ve used Evolution…..just saying…..

Source: Creation vs. Evolution (Again :/ )