If You Don’t Get Into The Pot You Won’t Get Cooked

Shared from Dear Children, a snippet, excellent piece.


I’ve told you of the analogy of the frog being cooked in the pot. The main point is that man can handle small changes that span generations, but he can’t handle large and sudden changes. It wasn’t that long ago that I can remember people shaking their heads and saying that “gay marriage” would never happen. Today it’s man’s law in this land and many of those who said it would never happen have embraced it. Why? Because they were living in the pot, not outside of it. Yes, they gave in to the zeitgeist, but they didn’t give in all at once, but little by little. So this brings us to a question that you need to understand the answer to. Do you live in the pot, and how does one live outside of it?As always, the best way to answer such questions is to go to the scriptures which contain truth for all time, which is another way of saying that they contain the truths which have existed outside the pot for time immortal. And even though you will watch your friends and relatives have their religion boiled out of them time and again in the pot that is this world’s ways and thinking, if you remain in the truths of God’s Word you will be able to, yourself, hold onto your faith in your Lord and Savior. You will see and understand things differently, and have confidence in what you know, and understand what you observe in this evil world…

Source: If You Don’t Get Into The Pot You Won’t Get Cooked