Review: Philippians (Mentor)

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In signing up for my first Bible college semester in York, one of the classes to be taught by my (now) good friend Lindsay Kennedy was Job. Since Job is a big book, I knew that by taking it as a semester class I would get at least a bird’s-eye view of the book. However, about a week before leaving for York, the class changed to Philippians/Colossians, and I was pretty disappointed ( – just think of how many sermons you’ve heard on Philippians/Colossians, and then how many you’ve heard on each chapter of Job). But that disappointment left as soon as I entered the classroom. There were enough nuggets in those two books to make Gold Rushers envious.

Even still, Philippians has never been a book that’s been on my radar. There are parts of it that still stumped me, but it still never really caught my interest. And most Philippians commentaries haven’t had the right pull for me to look into Philippians. That is, until Matthew Harmon’s commentary in the Mentor series came out.


In his Introduction, Harmon covers topics like authorship, information on the city of Philippi and its citizens, Paul’s circumstances, and where he wrote the letter from. He looks at the unity of the letter, the purpose, and the false teachers. He summarizes key themes of the book such as the Gospel, Jesus Christ, the Day of Christ, Joy, Already/Not-Yet, the Use of the OT, Adam-Christ, the Isaianic Servant, and more. It’s a huge benefit having this summary in the beginning, especially when it’s as well written as it is here


Source: Review: Philippians (Mentor)

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