2016: When the New Wears Off


Shared from My Story, My Song, a snippet.


It’s a new year! Such a great time for starting fresh. Many are working on fitness and health, work goals, house (and life) organization, and personal growth. But for every person who looks forward to the new season with a sense of anticipation, there is one who just doesn’t have the energy to put into planning for another year, for another month, maybe even for another day.

Life can be so tough. Every day we interact with people who are hurting. People who are struggling to put one foot in front of the other.

Dear friends who are taking care of aging parents, some of whom are facing serious illnesses.

Sweet parents who are overwhelmed with their children’s health issues, learning hurdles, and behavior.

Precious children who went to bed hungry the night before.

Sometimes the struggles are out in the open, for others to see. Other times, they are hidden deep inside, and no one knows.

Maybe it’s the teller at the bank. The cashier at the grocery store. The police officer on the highway. The coworker next door. Maybe, dear friend, it’s you.

Maybe you were “over it” before 2016 even started. The new  has already worn off of this year for you, and it’s only January 4th!…

Source: 2016: When the New Wears Off