Shared from The Samaritans Song, a snippet.


The Bible tells us to give thanks in all circumstances (1 Thess. 5:18). I often hear this verse preached in conjunction with trials and tragedies. Be thankful in the hurt, our pastors encourage us. Be thankful through the pain. Be thankful in the loss. And those are necessary sermons, and true ones. But I am not nearly so high- or nobly-minded, and today I am having trouble just being thankful for the winter.I don’t want to be thankful for the things that slow me down, or that irritate me, or that inconvenience me. I don’t want to be thankful for the things that take extra time to do. I don’t want to be thankful for everything that gets in the way of me living my life and enjoying the day.And then I pause, because it strikes me that being thankful in the winter is good practice for loving people – especially the people I’m not particularly fond of, or the people who don’t care to be cared for. Because loving people will slow you down. It can inconvenience you. It will mostly certainly take up your time and your energy, and it will probably get in the way of you living your life.I suspect that God wants to cultivate gratitude in us not just because He likes being thanked – though He does – but also because gratitude in all circumstances gets us in the practice of hammering away at our natural inclinations and habits…

Source: Why I Am Trying To Be Grateful For Winter