Two Forthcoming Works to Strengthen Your Greek

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The New Year is getting off to a great start for those looking to strengthen their Greek. Kregel Academic is set to publish two volumes that the student of the Greek New Testament will want to add to their shelves. The following descriptions are from the publisher.

978-0-8254-4342-8Discovering the Septuagint: A Guided Reader

Interest in the Septuagint today continues to grow stronger. Despite that interest, students have lacked a guidebook to the text similar to the readers and handbooks that exist for the Greek New Testament. Discovering the Septuagint: A Guided Reader fills that need. Created by an expert on the Septuagint, this groundbreaking resource draws on Jobes’s experience as an educator in order to help upper–level college, seminary, and graduate students cultivate skill in reading the Greek Old Testament.


This reader presents, in Septuagint canonical order, ten Greek texts from the Rahlfs—Hanhart Septuaginta critical edition. It explains the syntax, grammar, and vocabulary of more than 700 verses from select Old Testament texts representing a variety of genres, including the Psalms, the Prophets, and more.

The texts selected for this volume were chosen to fit into a typical semester. Each text (1) is an example of distinctive Septuagint syntax or word usage; (2) exemplifies the amplification of certain theological themes or motifs by the Septuagint translators within their Jewish Hellenistic culture; and/or (3) is used significantly by New Testament writers.

9780825443824A Syntax Guide for Readers of the Greek New Testament

Only by immersing oneself consistently in the Greek New Testament can students, pastors, and other readers gain facility with the language. This invaluable guide from Charles Lee Irons streamlines and enhances the process, allowing readers to interact with the Greek text with minimal interruption and maximum understanding. By focusing specifically on syntax, this guide takes its place among other resources as a time-saving new tool that builds on, rather than replaces, what already exists. In the author’s words, it “picks up where these other tools leave off, presupposes their use, and moves on to more complex issues of syntax, translation, some textual criticism, and limited exegesis.”

Eminently useful, A Syntax Guide for Readers of the Greek New Testament

  • Provides brief explanations of intermediate and advanced syntactical features of the Greek text
  • Suggests translations to help the reader make sense of unusual phrases and difficult sentences
  • Eliminates the need for the reader to stop and look up intermediate, advanced, or unusual grammatical features of the Greek text
  • Recognizes Hebraic constructions, Semitic inferences,and Septuagintisms
  • Closely follows the Novum Testamentum Graece, 27th and 28th editions

Find Discovering the Septuagint here and Syntax Guide here.



Source: Two Forthcoming Works to Strengthen Your Greek