Banned from Glasgow Churches Together Website – The True Face of Liberal Ecumenicism

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At New Year if you had gone  to the Glasgow Churches together website you would have found my  Free Church New Years Message posted there. If you go there now and  click the link  you will find that it has been removed, apparently after a complaint from Kevin Holdsworth, provost of St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow.

He tweeted “take down the anti-gay and islamophobic material you’ve published and do so quickly.”     Others joined in saying there was no place for such material.  And so it was removed.  So much for the dialogue, diversity and equality of the ecumenical movement!

  1. The Ecumenical movement is not ecumenical at all.  It will allow diversity of views on such ‘unimportant’ issues as whether Jesus was born of a virgin, rose from the dead or is the Son of God, but it cannot allow people to deviate from the current social liberal ethos which dominates the established churches.
  1. ‘Liberals’ like Kevin Holdsworth are not liberal at all.  They are close-minded and intolerant to anyone who does not hold their political, social or theological views.  Bear in mind that this is the same man who demanded that churches which did not share his views on homosexuality should have their charitable status removed (this would include the Free Church, evangelical churches and the Catholics – so much for ecumenicism!).
  2. Liberals are scared to allow different points of view.  Although they speak about dialogue, they won’t actually allow it.  They are scared that once people see the irrationality and unscripturalness of their views, they might be exposed.  So in the name of love and tolerance, they ban all those who don’t share their views.



Source: Banned from Glasgow Churches Together Website – The True Face of Liberal Ecumenicism