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Pilgrim’s Progress revisited ~ Christiana on the narrow way


Catholic apologists claim that Protestants and Evangelicals have so many ‘sects’ because we read the Bible on our own without a teaching authority; that this has produced tens of thousands of denominations; and that this is a sign of God’s judgment upon Protestantism.

What do you think?

If you disagree, how would you respond to Catholic apologists?


Here are a few responses from Dr. Joe Mizzi of justforcatholics.orgJust for Catholics is “an evangelical ministry dedicated to Roman Catholics who desire to know how to be saved.” (I added links within Dr. Mizzi’s short article, and an excerpt that follows it.) header

30,000 Protestant Denominations?

Question: If one thing is clear, it’s that there is one, single, visible Church that Jesus founded. This multitude of competing, conflicting denominations is no sign of God’s work; therefore, it must be the work of the Evil One. Somewhere in the midst of these 30,000…

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