The Attraction to Theonomy

The Reformed Reader

Theonomy, or Christian reconstruction, is a relatively new movement and new way of interpreting Scripture. To be sure, some aspects of theonomy have been affirmed on a surface (or formal) level in the past. However, modern theonomy/Christian reconstruction is very much an American movement. One question I’ve had about Christian reconstruction, or theonomy, is “What’s the draw?” Another is:  “Why would people want to reinstate many of the Old Covenant laws and penalties today?” John Muether answers these questions in an essay that focuses on sociological factors. It is found in Theonomy: A Reformed Critique (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1990). I’ll give some highlights of his article below (emphases are mine).

Muether first talks about the external factors that draw people to the Christian reconstruction movement: 1) the changing landscape of American religion and 2) the cultural crisis. Some people are attracted to theonomy because the American culture is shoving…

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