The Most Recent Tyndale Bulletin

Shared from Zwinglius Redivivus, a snippet, excellent piece.


The contents are available here.  These essays look especially interesting:

Interpreting Scripture with Satan?: The Devil’s Use of Scripture in Luke’s Temptation Narrative – David B. Sloan (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)

This article considers Luke’s evaluation of the devil’s interpretation of Psalm 91 in Luke 4:9-11 and offers four lessons regarding Biblical interpretation that can be drawn out of the text: 1) context is key; 2) the dawn of the messianic era enables a greater experience of the Scriptures than was previously the case; 3) the promises of Scripture should not be taken to mean that every experience on earth will match the promise made; and 4) if we use the locutionary meaning of Scripture to produce perlocutionary acts that oppose the intended perlocution of the text, we misuse the text.

Does Πίστις Mean ‘Faith(Fulness)’ in Paul? – Kevin W. McFadden (Cairn University)

Source: The Most Recent Tyndale Bulletin