7 January 1829 Joseph Wolff arrives in Jerusalem #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History


Joseph Wolff, one of the most celebrated, eccentric Messianic Jewish pioneers of the London Society, was famed for his spiritual and geographical journey. Here he arrives in Jerusalem, in the midst of his busy schedule. We will return to his life and travels on other occasions.

Bernstein states:

Wolff, Joseph. The two great missionary explorers of the nineteenth century were David Livingstone and Joseph Wolff. The labours of the former were chiefly confined to Negro races of the “Dark Continent”; whereas the latter made most extensive journeys amongst the various remnants of the tribes of Israel scattered throughout Africa and Asia. The lives of both these great men touch upon all that is romantic and of thrilling interest in the wide range of exploration, and none the less so because they consecrated themselves to their Master’s service, and, with a consuming zeal for souls, went forth to seek and to…

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