Atheist Schools – and the lack of Secular Honesty and Logic

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The following is a great example of the sophistry and dishonesty of the militant secularists.   The Scottish Secular Society responded to my New Years Message with the following letter in the Dundee Courier. 

Sir, – In his New Year message, Free Kirk moderator David Robertson refers to “Scotland’s Christian state education system” and claims that “a monolithic, one-size-fits-all state education system is failing”. Does this mean that it is a Christian system that’s failing, or is it the state itself that Mr Robertson sees as Christian?

He claims that “a more militant secularism seeks to remove all traces of Christianity” from the education system. The Scottish Secular Society, however, wish to do no such thing. We believe Christianity should be studied in schools as an important cultural influence, as should other major religions, but we think it inappropriate that supernatural beliefs, lacking evidence, are presented as fact in publicly-funded places of education.

Making all state schools secular would not prevent Christians raising their children as Christians, just as Hindus are not prevented from raising their children as Hindus by a total absence of Hindu state schools.To Hindu parents, Scottish state education is monolithically non-Hindu, but not anti-Hindu.


Source: Atheist Schools – and the lack of Secular Honesty and Logic