Jesus Paid It All-And the Payment Was Enough For Everyone

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When Jesus paid it all, He paid it for all of us. Jesus’ sacrifice was sufficient to cover the sin of every human past, present and future.

Before readers get alarmed, please understand I am not saying that everyone from the past was saved, nor am I saying that all will be saved now or in the future. In fact, the majority of people from the past, people now and those who live in the future will not be saved and enter Heaven. The sad truth is the majority of humankind will spend eternity separated from God in a place of torment called Hell.

So, please do not misunderstand; I am not espousing some form of Universalism, where everybody ends up in Heaven.What am I saying then? I am simply saying that the quality of Jesus’ sacrifice and payment on the Cross was enough for all humanity to escape the penalty of their sins.

Jesus’ payment was not just for an elect group of people whom God the Father has preselected in eternity past to be eternally with Him in Heaven. Not everyone will agree with that statement, of course, but this is what the Bible teaches…

Source: Jesus Paid It All-And the Payment Was Enough For Everyone