10 January 1884 Death of Marie-Théodor Ratisbonne, co-founder of the Sisters of Zion #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

From Catholic Encyclopaedia Online

Marie-Théodor Ratisbonne, N.D.S., (December 28, 1802 – January 10, 1884) was a noted Jewish convert to the Roman Catholic Church, who became a priest and missionary and who later founded the Congregation of Our Lady of Sion. He was the brother of Maria Alphonse Ratisbonne, who joined him in this effort.

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Centre Chrétien d’Études Juives (CCEJ)


The Congregation of Our Lady of Sion (French: Congrégation de Notre-Dame de Sion, abbreviated by its members as N.D.S.) is composed of two Roman Catholic religious congregations founded in Paris, France. One is composed of Catholic priests and Religious Brothers, founded in 1852, and another of Religious Sisters, founded in 1843, both by Maria Theodor Ratisbonne, along with his brother Marie-Alphonse Ratisbonne, “to witness in the Church and in the world that God continues to be faithful in his love for the Jewish people and to hasten the fulfilment of…

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