Abortion, “Don’t Stop a Beating Heart” Article in The Sunday Herald


Today this article appears in the Sunday Herald under the following headline.

‘Abortion, transgender rights, same sex marriage, if you don’t accept them then you’re a right wing scumbag…I’m used to that…’

Exclusive by Vicky Allan, Senior features writer / 00:07 Sunday 10 January 2016 / News

MANY people, acknowledges Reverend David Robertson, moderator of the Free Church of Scotland, see abortion as “a sacred cow and mark of a progressive society”. Yet for him it is the reverse, a sign of “regression”, which he likens to slavery. “I hope that in 100 years we could be sitting having a conversation, saying, ‘Can you believe that they did that – they used to do that?’ Just like we do about slavery now. I think it’s a regressive step, not a liberal step. I think the liberal step is to let the child live.”

Robertson, the charismatic minister of St…

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