Today this article appears in the Sunday Herald under the following headline.

‘Abortion, transgender rights, same sex marriage, if you don’t accept them then you’re a right wing scumbag…I’m used to that…’

Exclusive by Vicky Allan, Senior features writer / 00:07 Sunday 10 January 2016 / News

MANY people, acknowledges Reverend David Robertson, moderator of the Free Church of Scotland, see abortion as “a sacred cow and mark of a progressive society”. Yet for him it is the reverse, a sign of “regression”, which he likens to slavery. “I hope that in 100 years we could be sitting having a conversation, saying, ‘Can you believe that they did that – they used to do that?’ Just like we do about slavery now. I think it’s a regressive step, not a liberal step. I think the liberal step is to let the child live.”

Robertson, the charismatic minister of St…

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