Samaritan's Song

Here’s a challenge: go back and find a photograph of yourself from about ten or fifteen years ago.  Try to identify what has changed since then.

It’s okay; take your time.  I have hours.

My husband and I have been doing this lately as, in our organizing and cleaning, we’ve stumbled on photographs from college and even before.  Our hairstyles have changed over the years: no bangs now for me, thinner sideburns for him, and we’ve both received our inaugural gray hairs since those halcyon days.  Different clothes, different shoes, different friends in the background.  Different states.  Different jobs.

“Do you miss it?” my husband wondered as he thumbed through our old wedding and honeymoon album.  In the pictures we’re both glowing, head-over-heels in love and fresh out of college.  “Would you go back if you could?”

It was a question worth considering, and so I did.  Of course…

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