One book in the New Testament that plays as indispensable role in evaluating the resurrection of Jesus is the book of Acts. It is within Acts that we see the resurrection was part of the early apostolic preaching and the evidence given that Christianity is true (Acts 2:25-32; 3: 15; 10:39-41; 17:2-3, 18, 31). It is also within Acts that records Paul’s testimony to the resurrection of Jesus (Acts 9:1-9; 22: 1-11; 26: 9-19). So given the importance of Acts, here are some resources on the historical reliability of Acts. Keep in mind, we must also establish what we mean by ‘historical.’ That is discussed in Mike Licona’s article here. 

First of all, here is a video from Craig Keener who has released a four volume set of commentaries on Acts. 

Second, here is a pdf from Apologetics 315 called: The Historical Reliability of Acts: Support from Extra-Biblical Primary Sources

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