Children aren’t taught to be naughty.  It’s as natural as a dog chasing its tail.  Teens aren’t molded into bipolar Dr. Jekyls and Mr. Hydes.  It’s part of the hormonal imbalance of that age.   College students aren’t just naturally rebellious know-it-alls, who think their parents are clueless.  It’s part of becoming an adult.   Young adults, on their way up the ladder of success don’t have to be told how to be greedy.  It’s the way to get ahead – right?  Us older adults can continue to be crabby and irritable without reason, because we feel entitled.

The truth is we were all conceived in sin. It’s part of our human nature to be rebellious, naughty, crabby, greedy and all the other negative personality traits out there.  Just think of how the world would be if that sin continued to eat away at every individual throughout their lives.  When you think about the human condition, it’s pretty…

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