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Today we consider two of the sons of Pinkus Kaufmann Levi, who changed his name to Lehrs;

Karl Ludwig Lehrs (January 14, 1802 – June 9, 1878), was a German classical scholar.

Bernstein gives a short note:

Lehrs, Karl, was born in Königsberg in 1802, and died 1878. It is recorded that while studying in Berlin he became a Christian from conviction, and was baptized [331] in 1822. A number of his relatives were influenced by him for Christianity. He was a classical teacher in several schools, and then Professor at the University of Königsberg. He published a book of considerable merit under the title, “De Aristarchi Studiis Homericis,” 1833; “Questiones Epicae,” 1837; “Pindars-scholien,” 1873

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Karl Lehrs had a distinguished career as a Classical Scholar pioneering modern critical study of the works of Homer. The Jewish Encyclopedia gives more details:

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German philologist; born at Königsberg, East Prussia, Jan. 2, 1802; died…

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