5 Keys to Handling Judgmental and Opinionated Family

Happy Living!


How do you respond when someone challenges your life choices?

  • “Why aren’t you married YET?”
  • “When will you get a REAL job?”
  • “Why do you raise your kids like THIS?”
  • “Why don’t you do something BETTER with your life?”

Family get-togethers are often times when one has to deal with judgmental and opinionated relatives. These individuals may presume they “know better” when it comes to how you should live your life, even when your choices as an adult are reasonable. How can you effectively handle difficult relatives who insist on imposing their views?

Below are five important keys. Not all of the tips may apply to your particular situation. Simply use what works and leave the rest.

1. Set Boundaries Diplomatically

When a relative insists on levying his or her opinion onto you, respond assertively and diplomatically with “I” and “It” statements. For example, if someone says to you: “When…

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