Doctrines, Issues and Dealing with Differences |

Shared from a snippet, excellent piece!

It’s a bit vexing that the world has identified us with anything other than Christ. I’d much rather someone ask, “Aren’t you the ones who feed the homeless? Care for the orphans? Run the prison ministry? Have that inner city mission? Love their neighbor? Get along so well with those you disagree with?”
We could discuss the worship practices of the church for hours but there are always going to be people who disagree with each other. So what do we do when faced with doctrinal matters that some classify as issues and issues that others deem doctrine?
–          React Righteously
Responding in anger or arrogance severely damages the cause of Christ. Posting comments on videos, articles or Facebook posts or writing open letters or articles that could be perceived as threatening or abusive is unacceptable. We must refuse to give ourselves over to rage and evil because we believe others to be in error. Even if they are. Fighting among ourselves will extinguish any light that we have in this world.
–          Build Bridges
Instead of attacking, gossiping or thinking poorly of another, why not offer time to sit down with a cup of coffee and find out why a person’s belief differs? Ask questions. Share stories. Search the Scripture with an open heart and be willing to win a friend even if you can’t come to the same conclusion.
–          Instill Love

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