Rick Brannan

I_Want_You_blank_Uncle_SamYou guys surprise me. At the beginning of January, on a whim I threw out a survey with some questions about what to do with my 2016 research and writing time. I knew what I wanted the results to be, but y’all had slightly different ideas.

For the record, my current schedule is to spend 90-120 minutes each weekday morning focused on writing and research tasks. This is stuff that happens outside of my role and responsibilities at Logos/Faithlife.

For those who didn’t take the survey (shame on you, and I’m keeping it open, so take it), here are the questions:


Here are the individual question responses.

1. What should Rick try to accomplish with his 2016 research and writing time?


I only allowed one answer for each respondent on this question. I was floored that the Apostles’ Creed item actually was the most popular (and that you’d want…

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