Samaritan's Song

A few days ago, right before the start of the winter term, I was working on putting my syllabus together when I noticed an odd discrepancy: though I’d been assigned to teach a Tuesday/Thursday class by the university, the course schedule listed me as teaching a Monday/Wednesday one.

A call to the school cleared things up.  The university had switched the class I was teaching – without telling me!  I was as much irritated as relieved.  What if I hadn’t called in to check?  What if I hadn’t noticed the discrepancy?  What if I’d missed the first day?  I complained to my mom and my husband; I rolled my eyes at the university’s lack of organization.

But when I watched the news that night my complaints withered.  On the day that I’d originally planned to travel to school, forecasters predicted our first major snowstorm of the year: one that, as…

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