Some Notes on Scriptural Epistemology [Recap on Pts. 1-5]

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A Recap of the Foregoing Posts

The foregoing material is not complete, but serves as a foundation for clearly articulating the epistemology assumed and taught in the Scriptures. So far we have seen that God is the teacher of all men. We have seen, moreover, that man acquires knowledge via immediate impartation (e.g. Adam, Eve, Noah), but also upon the occasion of God or man having met some previously defined/declared/agreed upon condition. The knowledge gained in this way is still immediately imparted, nevertheless, being not the result of repeated experiences (i.e. induction) nor a deduction (though it is possible to validly infer the knowledge they acquire).

Knowledge is strictly limited to propositions, as demonstrated above. What is knowledge, then, according to the texts with which we’ve already examined? True propositions revealed by God upon occasions known either (a.)entirely to himself or (b.)known to others. Knowledge can also be understood to…

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