Atheist Schools – the Indoctrination of Children – Letters in The Courier

Once again the secularist sects in Scotland unite to attack me and claim that their position is the ‘neutral’ one.  And once again I get the opportunity to expose their real agenda.  This is an important debate and its good that we can have it in public and that the continual attacks of the militant secularists provide the opportunity to explain the Christian position in the media.   This is an ongoing debate – the earlier correspondence which you can read here

Letter: Restrictions by Christians

The Courier & Advertiser 15 Jan 2016

Sir, David Robertson (January 12) claims that the British values of freedom, equality and diversity “stem from our Christian heritage”.This is utterly false. These values stem from our Enlightenment heritage, whereby the worst excesses of so-called Christian values were either reined in or dispensed with.

The Enlightenment promoted freedom of expression and free thought while Christianity sought…

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