21 January 1818 Michael Sargon of Cochin, India shares his faith #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

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St. Francis Church in Cochin is the oldest European church in India. It was constructed in 1503 and Vasco Da Gama, the first European to discover India, was buried here. It has a very modest building but its the history behind it that makes it so important among all the churches in India.

Michael Sargon, Indian Jew, Baptised January 21 1818

Bersntein’s Summary (p449):

Sargon, Michael, was born of Jewish parents at Cochin in 1795, and died about 1855. He was converted [449] in 1818, through the preaching of J. Jarrett of Madras, and became the first missionary of the L.J.S. to the Jews in India. In 1820 Sargon visited his parents at Cochin, who received him kindly, and for a time the Jews there seemed to have no objection to discussing with him his new faith. A local committee was found in Madras with Sargon as the representative missionary. Madras became the centre of the Society’s work in India. In 1822 Sargon had 116 Jewish children under his charge at Cochin, but in 1824 he was transferred to Bombay, where he opened, under the auspices of the L.J.S., a school exclusively for Jews. In Cochin Sargon baptized a Jew and two Jewesses in…

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