Behavior Modification

Grace for my Heart

(I am at a conference this weekend and posting from my tablet. Please forgive the strange formatting)

It’s Narcissist Friday!

Behavior, the things we do, is supposed to be outward evidence of what we think or feel. Emotions are acted out in our behavior. We think we should be able to see a person’s heart in his behavior.
But some people use their behavior to pretend to have certain feelings. In the beginning of the relationship, for example, the narcissist behaves in a most loving and caring way. Patience, kindness, attentiveness—these things project love in the narcissist’s mind. So, to convince a potential partner of love, he exhibits loving behavior.

I suspect this is the most concrete area of overlap between narcissism and legalism in my mind. Believers under legalism are taught to behave in certain ways, whether they feel those things or not. Pray a certain way and amount…

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