Rutledge on the Crucifixion Part 2 (Gupta)

Crux Sola


This is a series on Crucifixion, by Fleming Rutledge. (see part 1)

Here I would like to discuss Rutledge’s chapter on “The Godlessness of the Cross.” Her emphasis falls on the horror of the cross: “Most of us are conditioned to think of Jesus’ death as the scandal, when in fact it is not the death in itself, but the mode of death that creates the offense” (72). When she refers to the “godlessness” of the cross (paying especially tribute to Moltmann and Bonhoeffer on the subject), she means that the cross intrudes upon the expectations we have for the niceties of religiosity, worship, and liturgy. We expect religion to be “proper” and “formal” and “comfortable.” (As she notes later on, right now “spirituality” is “in,” but the cross would forever remain “out” if it had the stigma lingering from the first century.)

Rutledge very cleverly…

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