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When we hear the word ‘abandon,’ we think of orphans and stray kittens, left to fend for themselves. This isn’t exactly what Tim Timberlake has in mind. He wrote Abandon to exhort us toward self-abandonment–the giving our whole selves over to God. Grounded in the Jacob story (Genesis 25-31), Timberlake tells us how Jacob moved from being a self-centered deceiver to a recipient of God’s blessing.

abandon_webcover-200x300Timberlake unfolds his message in three phases. In phase one, chapters one through three, he invites us to the ‘Don’t-Do-It-Yourself’ life where we stop feeding ourselves with junk that leaves empty but follow and believe. In phase two, chapters four and five, he talks about the challenge of temptation and faulty thinking, exit strategies and what it takes for us to overcome. In phase three, chapters six through nine,  he explores what transformation looks like.

This is a quick read and has the potential…

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