24 January 1826 Birth of Albert Isaacs, pioneer photographer of Holy Land

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

Albert Augustus Isaacs, photographer. The Wailing Wall, Jerusalem. 1856. Albumen silver print, 21.9 x 27.5 cm. CCA Collection. PH1983:0517.01:013

Isaacs, Rev. Albert Augustus. The cause of missions to Jews possessed a very intelligent and warm-hearted advocate in the Rev. Albert Augustus [281] Isaacs, who was himself, as his name indicates, of Jewish parentage, and who throughout his long life, identified himself with every movement for the welfare of his brethren according to the flesh.

Bernstein details his life and career:

Albert Augustus Isaacs "A Pictorial Tour of The Holy Land" (London: Wertheim, Macintosh, & Hunt, 1863), p.44-45

Mr. Isaacs was born in the island of Jamaica, on January 24th, 1826, at Berry Hill, a coffee plantation, of which his father was the owner. Jamaica was at that time one of the most prosperous colonies of Great Britain. His father, Isaac Isaacs, had become a convert to Christianity some years previously. We have no authentic particulars of his father’s life, although we have an idea that in the story of “The Star of Peace,” by “Ben Abram,” which ran through the first two volumes of “The Everlasting Nation,”…

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