The Lions Den

Others have written of the dance between the sexes, especially the chemistry of marriage, the impossibility of a union when left alone, the interplay and respect between the two, the give and take of male and female, that is, specifically between a man and a woman as this vid suggests. Insanitybytes22 comes to mind, as I recall the tango pics and ideas about the two becoming one.

Sorry folks, the genius of a Creator is clearly displayed by watching two people dance, even if it is only an act.  But thankfully, the distinction between the sexes is no act.

Note the symphony played between the dancers, the footwork with the well placed hands and smiling faces, and the beautiful music. Note the progression on the young ladies face from tentative since a novice, to pure delight after ‘getting it.’

So to those of you who appreciate song and dance, enjoy this…

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